Is It a Good Idea to Use a Registered Office Service Provider?

Using a Registered Office Service provider has a range of advantages.

Companies that lack a presence in the UK are obliged to establish a UK office or use a UK Service provider when starting a UK company. All UK companies must hold a registered office in their country of incorporation. best LLC service

Smaller start-up companies are commonly based at the residential address of a director or shareholder. If a company uses a residential address as its registered office, that address will appear on the public record at Companies House and must also be disclosed to customers, suppliers, etc on all types of correspondence and communications. Using a UK provider gives such a company an official business address, potentially enhancing its reputation.

Since October 2009 directors, shareholders and other officers of the company can give a ‘service address’ instead of their residential address, in order that residential addresses no longer have to appear on the Companies House register available to be inspected by the public. Using a UK Registered Office Service as your directors’ service address means you can keep your residential addresses private.

The service is usually inexpensive and will typically also provide:

  • All the necessary resolutions and filings to inform Companies House of the alteration of your registered office location. As an alternative, and if the provider is also a company formation agent, your company may be formed with the address from the beginning to ensure your private address never appears on the public register.
  • Forwarding of a reasonable volume of post (typically, this includes all post from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs and a number of other miscellaneous items per year).
  • Acceptance of mail requiring a signature (such as registered post).
  • Displaying the name of your company at the registered office.

In addition, the following can be included by separate arrangement:

  • Secretarial services for your company.
  • Forwarding larger amounts of post to your choice of address.
  • Parcels can also be accepted and forwarded.
  • The Holding of your company’s statutory registers.

Making use of a UK Registered Office Service provider has several advantages, especially for companies without a physical presence in the UK and for those that do not have an actual business address of their own and/or need their residential address to remain private.

For a new or small company, one of the more challenging requirements is compliance with the provisions of the sections of the Companies Act 2006 that deal with the provision of a registered office, since the majority of directors rightly wish to spend most of their time and effort promoting and developing that new business instead of wading through legal complexities.

Another benefit is easing the burden on non-UK Companies who wish to form a company here, since any correspondence that they receive can be forwarded abroad by separate instruction, which enables them to keep on top of UK filing requirements at a modest expense and with minimum difficulties.

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